According to the economist Juan Diego Gómez Gómez in an interview for Cosmovisión, he reveals that the majority of employees do not work to build capital, but to pay debts. So the change in thinking about how we manage our money, marks a big gap between those who continue to be employees looking for a monthly salary and those who seek to be entrepreneurs in a business of their own.

Starting from this point, people’s approach changes and they are open to the possibility of dedicating themselves to a business where not only will they make a profit, but they intend to work on something that will develop their skills and knowledge. This aspect is very important, because when a person enjoys some activity, he will always perform it in the best way giving very good results.  

Here are nine steps you should follow to get started:

  1. Develop an idea

Find out what you’re passionate about along with your skills, so you know what you can develop into whether it’s a product or service that holds what you love with what people need and are looking for.  

     2.    Investigate your market place

Carry out competitive research, analyze how the movement develops in the market of the service or product you are going to offer, focus on what your customers are looking for and how they develop. You must not only know your competition but also your future customers.

3. Provides for a budget

You must know how much you need to start your business, consider everything you’re going to use, that is, office supplies, computers, products. In addition to having an amount to cover emerging situations and any bureaucratic formalities. As this will allow you to control your finances. 

4. Choose an appropriate location

Choose a suitable location that fits the needs of your business and its consumers. It also allows you to develop and progress in your new venture. 

5. Publicize your product or service

It is important that people know what you offer, as long as you have given it your added value, that little feature that differentiates you from your competition.

6. Be patient

All businesses go through a process, one of the most difficult moments is the beginning, that is, no business is known and will have big profits in its first moment, remember to be constant and strive at every moment.

7. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing

If you are going to offer a service or a product, you have to deliver more than the customer expects, customer service will position you with a great reputation in consumers.

8. Never let your guard down

When your business already takes its course you will be acquiring frequent customers, do not trust, always renew and have fresh ideas in the services you provide, it will maintain the interest of your consumers about your business.

9. It’s time to start

Focus on selling your product or service, don’t worry about the logo, the brand. Your goal is to attract customers and create loyalty first of all. Don’t rush the process, everything good takes time and effort. Take slow but steady steps. As your business progresses you will realize that you need something more to expand your horizons and make yourself known. That’s when you’ll have to consult with marketing and advertising experts.

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