Keys to define the name and logo for your company

When you start a business or enterprise thinking about the name it is going to have is a fundamental part as a good name and a striking logo will influence people in a certain way so that you get to differentiate between others, usually the name is born from your first or last name.

1.The logo will represent your company is why it must be developed in such a way that it shows the identity you want to convey.

2. The name you can channel to your product or its properties, it could even inspire for creating your logo making the design relatively easy.

3. A creative name is a plus to stand out, besides drawing attention will serve for your designer to create several designs however they should not deviate from what you want to reflect.

4. Emphasize on highlighting  the quality, price or benefits of your product or service, so in creating the logo you can add referent images.

5. Remember to give yourself the time to create the name because before choosing the definitive one you must be sure that it has harmony, not misunderstandings and that there is no other like it.

6. To create your logo inform yourself what types exist, be well informed since it is never too much.

7. It is recommended that your logo be short and easy to remember, so more people can distinguish it and differentiate it from the others.

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