OVIS the baggage of the future

Ovis is a suitcase designed to provide greater security and comfort created by the company Forwardx which, thanks to the algorithms of artificial neural networks, can follow you everywhere automatically without the need to push it. It is able to evaluate the environment to measure distance, estimate direction, increase or decrease speed and route to avoid obstacles, all thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. It has light, durable materials and wheels made of carbon.

It has a compatible application for iOS and Android with which you can know where your suitcase is with its GPS, besides, it tells you its weight. It controls the duration of the battery, if it is being finished it sends an alert to the cell as when it is more than two meters away from you, if this happens, you can hold the handle and turn off all the power of the engine. One of its utilities is that you can charge your phone only using your suitcase as it has a USB port, so you won’t have problems with those long and boring trips on the plane.

Its battery can be removed with a single button and is therefore friendly to all airlines. You can pass all the security controls without any problems, because when you pass the controls you remove the battery and then put it back in without any problems. Thanks to this, it obtained the approval of the Transport Safety Association (TSA).

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